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After training as participant of Ju-Jitsu in the national team of The Netherlands from 1978, I was pointed as volunteer to become referee at 1980.    At 1983, I became the first international referee of The Netherlands at the sumercamp in the south of France.    In the 40 years from that moment to the 2nd of November 2022 I've been referee on all great tournaments in the world. European and World championships, Worldgames, Combatgames, World art mastership games. I was there.
Now I'm retired from my referee job, the JJIF wouldn’t let me go jet. They promoted me to referee expert Fighting-System and Duo-System. A lifetime job to help younger referees to get higher levels. This promotion is one of the biggest honors I got in my entire martial arts life. A warm thanks to all people that made the road to this position possible.
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