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Japanese Fighting-System Jujitsu
In Thailand during the World Championships Jujitsu (Nov 2015) I’ve been asked by the All Japan Ju-Jitsu Federation to help them to build up the fighting-system-jujitsu in Japan.  
In September 2016 Chairman Eiichiro Toyama hosted me in Japan for the start of a good and successful collaboration. We had some seminars for fighters and referees.
Since that visit I designed the rules for leveling the referees in Japan. Also, I wrote the exam program for belt exams. You can find the program by clicking the arrow below. Of course I visit Japan since then several times and I will be visiting Japan in future to train the Core group of Japan, the referees, give seminars and private lessons. It will be my honor to do so.

The system is recognized by the JJIF. That means for every national federation that implements the system, they can graduate their members, recognized by the JJIF.
If you have questions or remarks, please click this button and send a mail. Normally we answer within 72 hours.

Peter Smid
Senior Supervisor of All Japan Ju-Jitsu Federation               
Last update: 2022 May 01                                                                                             
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